The road may have got shorter

So after a week of waiting for a follow up call, we eventually had to give them a nudge and I spoke to my consultant yesterday It does appear that my GBM is back, but in a different place. It appears it’s in a place that’s difficult to get to. So this is a surprise,…


This blog is going to be a little different as I’m going to update it over the next 36 hours. I’m not going to be sat in the Vale Inn and complete it during one visit as is my usual way, but I’m going to update as I go along. The reason being that tomorrow…

Weird seasons greetings

So how do you celebrate what is in all probability your last Christmas, as your continued existence continues to confound medics. Well go for it I’d guess would be most people’s reaction Well I do also have a family, over doing it can cause them two issues. Firstly it will worry them. Secondly it’s a…

Rolling rolling rolling

I thought I would share a typical weekend, and just how much a diagnosis can change your life A great turnout at the 5K YOUR WAY: MOVE AGAINST CANCER with the most beautiful woman in the world Jen joining us (that’s my best friend and wife) hates the camera and nearly hid. There in white…

33 days, a lot can happen

Hello all. A few weeks back I admitted that I was battling two diseases, my terminal diagnosis for a brain tumour called a glioblastoma stage 4 and since I’d finished working, I’d upped my drinking level to the point of alcoholism. A combination of alcohol, meds and cancer landed me in hospital after a series…

Double the Disease

Well add a third if you count my kidney failure So I’m in hospital In Macclesfield this is my first set of fits since Jan. But when I do I go for it, we had been down to see my Dad who himself was recovering from an eye operation. It’s not just what they’d taken…

Highs, Lows and technology

I’ve a had a couple of weeks off because I’ve had a bug and that’s made me a bit low in mind as well as in body. I’m not very good at being clinically vulnerable. There I’ve said it, so I think nothing of going to an 80s punk festival in Blackpool, I mean it’s…


So it would be remiss of me on this day not to do a blog. The thing about these awareness days is that most people that get involved are already aware. 3 years ago I couldn’t have told you what a Glioblastoma was, I couldn’t tell you that it was a brain tumour. I couldn’t…


Hello all , well, either I’m getting old or my latest challenge was knackering. Or as my wife would suggest we’ve had an extra year with brain cancer, So last week Joe the eldest and I went out for a tonne on the tandem We were raising money for brain tumour research… I am…

Getting back at it

Hello all, I’ve not written for a while, I’ve been a bit low as I often do around event days, like birthdays. I know that I should be happy that I’m still here but it is also a reminder , that with the family around you about what you will miss. This can often lead…


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Lovely weekend with a gentle reminder

Sibling love

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I think it’s fair to say we’ve had a bit on since we last met up for pure leisure. Mum died, I got a diagnosis fro a Glioblastoma, that’s without the stresses of being a headteacher (Dom) a Snr social worker (Alexandra) under the present government, but it was Bergin family time

We had a lovely little place in Windermere and managed to coordinate the three arrivals from South London, Dunblane and Bollington, not so easy when one can’t drive it it was just great to be back together, we had the usual sibling issues as youngsters but never anything to big. We’ve been close working with each other living near each over in London. I can’t remember the last cross word that take more than 30mins to sort

The previous week, I’d had a good scan result nice little hole no progress and I went to to the weekend thinking about going skiing next year. Much to My wife’s frustration, just a decent weekend in the outdoors

It needs it for the lakes
The views Dom

Great couple of days firstly walking round Grasmere I always like to that when I’m up as it was Lewi my late stepsons favourite walk, there is always something exciting about finding a lake at height even when you can’t see it

Lewi loved the lakes

The 2nd day we did Wasdale to trout beck and back to Ambleside, it’s wasn’t raining it was stair rods

Dom getting Arty
I like a glade

So the idea was we got back and I cooked Sunday lunch , I didn’t feel weird but Dom said I had started to be a bit spaced. I went upstairs to get clean and start to cook tea

Before I know it Dominic and Alexandra are lifting me off the floor. I’ve enough experience now to know I’ve no idea what’s happened isn’t unusual. Also enough to to now that I was dry so it was not a deep fit. If you’re ill and male it’s important that occasionally you’re body isn’t in charge. I had a 2nd fit on the ct scan and the bed of wet clothes by your bed isn’t embarrassing it’s a result of your illness. You’ll be looked after

Guess that’s where I fell
Another hole

Anyway a huge thanks to the hospital at Lancaster for looking after me

A huge thanks to the Lake District for reminding me that I’m not skiing again. That experience at 200m is somewhat different that 2800m

I can make a hell of what left of my life if I make the right adjustments, but I can’t pretend anymore that I can do both. I’m

I am lucky enough to have friends and family waiting and worries. For that compromise is important