End work and my planned brain tumour events

So on Sunday we has the big cricket day at Toft. All my communities colliding. The mighty Tavs, Reasons’s to be Cheerful, Knutsford friends, old school mates and real time, with my online cancer community. It was real emotional day and what’s more it didn’t feel like some things have like a farewell tour, itContinue reading “End work and my planned brain tumour events”

Dead Men walking and Garlic Bread

So my support network which has so far been mostly virtual is becoming actual people. Yesterday I met the fabulous Nuttall’s. Laura has a similar diagnosis to I, but is only 19/20. She’s an inspirational young woman who is having some treatment in Germany. Peter Kay came out of semi retirement and did two showsContinue reading “Dead Men walking and Garlic Bread”

Chemo and modelling don’t you know! Also the return of an unwanted friend.

For some reason it’s been a particularly knackering chemo week, I don’t know if that’s Some of the coast 2 coast still in my legs. Or maybe just this is my 10th month on the bounce and there is only so much poison you can put in the body before it’s starts to get pissedContinue reading “Chemo and modelling don’t you know! Also the return of an unwanted friend.”

Day 2 C2C for brain tumour research

Well we have done the major work yesterday climbing 1800m over a mixture of tarmac and dirt trails. Stu my fellow middle aged man and 5 19 year olds in the glorious sunshine over beautiful terrain So I’ve learnt a few things, in my case you can have just finished you’re 9th chemotherapy session andContinue reading “Day 2 C2C for brain tumour research”