Bad start to the year, Better end to the week

All the way through high school in Stafford the back 4 of the football team more or less stayed the same. Me at left back the short one, playing off the wrong foot. The centre backs Stephen Wright and Andy Boucher, Steve will always be the tall lanky one , Andy the solid stopper. PatrickContinue reading “Bad start to the year, Better end to the week”

It’s the most troublesome time of the year

Today would have been Lewi’s 22nd Birthday he died two and half years of another form of Brain disease, we miss him everyday. The jewel of his mother heart, She will be perpetually broken. If you’re ever low or unsure what to do, find someone and ask Well it’s possibly because of a combination. AContinue reading “It’s the most troublesome time of the year”

The Lakes and Lancaster hospital

Well some time in the planning, but eventually My Sister Alexandra and Brother Dominic got away for the first time together since Mum’s death and my diagnosis the following day We did a couple of walks both were favourite’s of Lewi my late Stepsons. One from Grasmere up to the high mere and back inContinue reading “The Lakes and Lancaster hospital”

Vital resources

A fairly quick one this week, Maggies seems to dominate my getting out and and about which means a lot of trains trams and thanks Ali, really looking forward to the show now, I’ve been suited and booted by Slaters–donation_received–_nth_donation&utm_content=0061c579-af0e-4fa3-bbb5-9de05da4512c&utm_medium=email&utm_source=postoffice&utm_term=1632125090442 But what I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in this week has been twoContinue reading “Vital resources”