Last one

Well I’ve been a bit over productive on social media and blogging since my diagnosis back in June 2020 and since the return of my Glioblastoma I’m getting emotionally and physically more tired now.

This is my last blog and then I will be logging off as I’ve realised it’s creating more anxiety and pressure than is needed at the moment for all involved including myself

My senses now seem to be escaping me one by one and I’m finding movement and thought difficult and exhausting which is very annoying. This includes not being able to manipulate the left hand side of my body which is fairly standard when you have a tumour on the right hand side of your brain.

The physio has given me left sided exercises to re-train my brain as it’s too easy to let my right take over.

It been nearly 3 years since I was given a prognosis of 1 year to 18 months survival. I’ve doubled this time and feel that being healthy and active in the community has been a big part of this. But now I’ve just been told in the last hour that there are no more options and my tumour is growing aggressively, any treatment will worsen my quality of life, this moment was always going to come now I’ve had the same consultant since surgery snd I trust her when says that she fears radiotherapy will reduce my quality of life and physical function or even send me straight to hospital.

So my next little challenge will be my last, since I have been in touch with brain tumour research we have, as a collective, raised, £44,000. Since I was diagnosed, too many young people have died of this disease, the biggest cancer killer of under 40’s in the UK. Thank you all for your generous help in trying to find a cure.

So sadly before I take my bow from really annoying you all, I will predictably take part in one last physical challenge as the Bollington brewery have kindly put on a charity walk to help raise further funds.

What I would love to do is one last top up on the pot on my just giving page if any of you can afford a donation to brain tumour research. Too late for me but hopefully to help the youngsters and oldsters to come.

C2C got me out after radiotherapy and chemo last time round with my son and friends

So thanks to you all once more for your support and sorry to run out of gas, I will hand you over to the usual suspects who are carrying on their supportive work.

Some hero support made all the difference

We’ve done quiz nights
Supported by reasons to be chreful

So thanksgain I’m going to have to take some time out and wait in whatever is next

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