Redwillow quiz Sunday 12th March

Hello I’ve recently been employed by the Red willow, Macclesfield’s best local brewery. For a long time I’ve been unable to get a job due to my illness despite my 40 years of catering experience, and since I was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma in June 2020 I have been amongst the millions of those who haven’t returned to work since COVID. Not through lack of trying but my condition makes people nervous and I have now had a reoccurrence of my brain tumour which means I’m back on chemotherapy with all the side affects that come with that. But red willow decided to give this lad a go and it’s been like a form of therapy getting back into an industry I love and has treated me well over my career. Now Red willow are going one step further and putting on a pub quiz on Sunday the 12th of March at 32A Park Grn, Macclesfield SK11 7NA to raise monies and awareness about the cancer that kills more under under 40s than any other cancer in the uk. So it would be great if you could come along if you’re local and you can support your local brewery as red willow and the team have supported me.

Back on the taps

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