We are a few weeks into the recurrence of a brain tumour and on chemotherapy again.

I’m also back on steroids after my initial surgery back in July 2020.

For the first time I can feel a worsening of my cognitive behaviour, I can’t type so I am dictating this to Jen. I am walking with a stick as my knee hurts, an old injury not helped by me going back on chemo. I don’t appear to be able to put my jacket on without finding my hand in a pocket and currently jumper is back to front but to Jen’s amazement still zipped up.

Essentially my cognitive function is getting weaker and I can understand how difficult it must have been for so many of our community over the years and how frustrating it feels

Also I’ve developed a small palsy which has lead Jen to follow me around with a small napkin dabbing my beard as I dribble

So we have been to see a potential funeral director at Adlington memorial park, a difficult conversation to have in front of your wife but as I’ve been an operational manager all my life I could tell Mark was on top of his brief. It wasn’t so much agreeing what I did want, it was talking through what I didn’t. Mark has also been able to match me up with a potential celebrant who I am meeting today for an initial chat.

Another worry off my mind. It’s not that Jen wouldn’t be capable, I just think she’s got enough on her plate such as looking after a bewildered dog for one.

July 2000 and last time I was on steroids

I was extremely moved by lots of people from my old local coming together on Sunday at reasons to be cheerful in Burnage with Jen and the children, their support of Jen and I since my initial diagnosis in first lock down has been unstinting

Back in the old local one of my Reasons to be Cheerful

I’m honoured to call them my friends.

Many of you know I have a fondness for hats so will again be supporting ‘wear a hat to work

I don’t need an excuse to buy a new hat for wear a hat day

So if you could all wear a hat and post on my social media Facebook or Twitter with #wearahattoworkday and kindly donate what you can afford it will all help to pay for further research into the biggest cancer killer of under 40’s.

Thank you for your support for this and for reading my blog. It makes a difference.

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