Weird seasons greetings

Jen in rare photo

So how do you celebrate what is in all probability your last Christmas, as your continued existence continues to confound medics. Well go for it I’d guess would be most people’s reaction

Well I do also have a family, over doing it can cause them two issues. Firstly it will worry them. Secondly it’s a constant reminder of what’s going on in their world

But finally and in our family it’s also a constant reminder that we are already missing Lewi. This will be our fourth Christmas without him and it doesn’t get easier. Jen will always be a bereaved Mum, I a Stepdad the children have lost their big brother

Dream team

Jen and I disappear about this time of year on what would have been Lew’s birthday and because as Jen is originally from the seaside, it’s where we tend to return

I mention all this because in our community, I know we are not alone. Parents all over the country and world will be having the same conundrum, how to give the rest of the family a great Christmas, whilst reflecting on your and their loss. All this while the entire economy of the country is geared to tell you to enjoy yourself. It’s a tough call one I know that all those affected will get right in their own space. But my thoughts this season are with all those with an empty space at the table

One last thing as I roll into another Christmas and NY. Thanks for all of you for you’re continued support. It means a massive amount to me I’m blessed to be in such a supportive community. I don’t usually pick out an individual, but one my my constant rocks. Someone that checks in with me all the time. Drives me around when I need it just a brilliant friend. Well he himself has joined the C gang. I hope that I can be a a good for him as he has for me. I will try my best.

Let your season be as restful and as kind as it can be

One thought on “Weird seasons greetings

  1. Wishing you, Jen and your family the best Christmas. Your words are beautifully spoken and no word can console you both at this time. Sending you all my love. Fiona x


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