Rolling rolling rolling

I thought I would share a typical weekend, and just how much a diagnosis can change your life

A great turnout at the 5K YOUR WAY: MOVE AGAINST CANCER with the most beautiful woman in the world Jen joining us (that’s my best friend and wife) hates the camera and nearly hid. There in white bobble

Then an incomparable Toft Cricket on zoom for an award of shame for being their worst bowler. I couldn’t go in, knackered and whilst no way a Covid fundamentalist, a lot of people in a small room, especially with me drinking less, this ragged band of brothers have been one of great supports since it all kicked off

I’ve come for my award

Then and apologies to everyone else the best of the day. When I was struggling to get Stafford for a charity rugby game. My friend Rachel and her superb husband Dave, picked me up from Bollington and took me back to Stafford

When I arrived their daughter Izzy was-who after 15 mins of me talking on about revolution must have been thinking wtf mum who is the fella. After for 40 years and you still keep in touch!

Young Rach

That’s a 100 Mile round trip for them. We talked balls and Rach would often say I don’t remember you doing that subject at school. Me for the 100th time explaining. Rach you were in top set for everything , assume the rest for me

Then the rugby attend the rugby match Family came down to visit and I spoke to a lot of strangers about the lack of funding for brain tumour research

What I was reminded of today is that friendships have no time limits, no best before. After 40 years we can still raise an eye brow of surprise at what we remember. In a pub in Bollington I couldn’t remember Abbie the team members name. But with Rach, Jen and Dave. I can remember a story about a YHA in York from 1988 like yesterday.

We got back in touch properly through Kate. Rachel’s sister and we’ve all been back in contact over my tumour years. Kate works at the Christie place.

It also made me think. So much of my life and any success is down to the women in my life. Jen, a great mum and step mum and being my best friend

Alexandra my little Sis and now the linchpin that holds the family together

But I owe my moderately successful career to two people Alison Lowe Jude O’mahony. Two people who over a combined 12 years would cover me. I’d go in and talk complete balls about everything. Then over time Jude and Ali would sort it with the 100 plus members of the team that I’d upset.

What I realised today is that Rach was the genus. That I then adapted to Jude and Ali A rock upon which you built a …….Jude and Ali just kept refining it to keep me looking ok, they’d argue better than I was. They would win.

Cognitively I’m def on the downward slope. So sorry all this I’d imagine I have talked balls. That’s after I’ve corrected it twice. But even for a forgetful dyslexic things are taking longer. Jen and Jim would point out that I’m also older and tend to worry too much both would be right

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