Getting back at it

Hello all, I’ve not written for a while, I’ve been a bit low as I often do around event days, like birthdays. I know that I should be happy that I’m still here but it is also a reminder , that with the family around you about what you will miss.


This can often lead to fairly self damaging behaviour, I’ll drink to much, not good on my medications. Insist I don’t need need my afternoon nap. I do. Get ratty and narky with those who love me and want to protect me. I’m coming out of it, but myriad apologies to those I upset

I’ve also been doing some lovely things, I helped launch 5k move your way move against cancer part of the Park Run family. It’s does what it says on the tin. If you have or have been affected be it patient, family or friend we invite you on the last Saturday of every month to join us at South Park Macclesfield at the bandstand for 9am start

Look for the blues
Rachel Burden helped us launch
A great first turn out local MP David Rutty also joined us

The following day I managed to complete the first part of my cycling challenge for the year

My Bike mad and fabulous Brother Dom and his club Penge CC down there in that there London organised a days cycling when everyone contributed to BTR. I’ll be honest at one stage I’d overdone it and awaited help with a fabulous sausage roll. All the club were great during the ride looking after me and at the BBQ afterward

Brothers Bergin
Looking after me
Refuelling after

So after a more tough month I feel I’m getting there a bit. Thanks to all that our uk with me and look after me. Especially Jen and The Children they see me at my worst and I constantly remind them what’s going on by campaigning

Thanks for everyone’s patience

One thought on “Getting back at it

  1. Liam we need to meet up. I need to find time, things are hectic in my life with two jobs, my Dad just dying but NO EXCUSES. Are you and Jen able to travel down to us? Sunday lunch at mine would be good, or would it be better for Brent and I to come up to you on a Monday (only day off for both of us). Either way lets do it soon. Totally get the drinking thing by the way, with what you are going through why the hell not. With Love Mark xxx


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