Getting back on track

It’s taken longer than before for me to recover from my last set of fits but I’m feeling I’m getting there, I’ve been out on my bike with Gareth and Anna who were gentle with me

Macc forest

and it was great to get out. I’ve got a couple of bike events coming up. Penge CC whom my brother Dom rides with are putting on a bike day in aid of brain tumour research so I’ve got to be fit enough to do the shortest ride.

I’m also doing Tonne on a Tandem with Joe, I’m really looking forward to it as he is then scooting off to Ontario Uni for the summer on work experience with PhD students. if you have a few quid the just giving page is in the link at the bottom of the article.

I’ve also had the pleasure of being part of the initial 5k your way at the Macc park run 9.30 Saturday morning just look out for the team in blue south park band stand. If you’re affected in any way be it a patient or carer or family member, you are all welcome.

5k your way team at Macclesfield park run

I also managed to introduce Esme (age 15) to her first Weller night…it’s great to be able to do some things with the family when I’m back on my toes.

Esme meet Paul

My memory does seem to be getting worse but I’m also getting older. I’ve had to finish my two shifts a week behind the bar because I find the tills too confusing and the memory is shot. One of the worst things about this disease isn’t that you know that you will possibly / probably die from it. It’s that you can’t do what you used to do. I went from managing a team of 100s with a multi million pound budget, to struggling with a 3 hour shift and feeling slightly patronised.

One last thing. There are many benefits of out- living your original prognosis…not least being alive and having time with your family and friends. I managed to do a wine tasting for the great at Reasons to be Cheerful on behalf of Maggies cancer centres. Brilliant to see everyone again. It’s the one thing I miss since I’ve moved to the country

Wine tasting for Maggies

However I’ve been spending money since I opened my pensions up because of my life expectancy was given as 18 months to live. Well, I’m at 20 months, my fuel bill is now more than my mortgage, it’s a good reason to slow down on drinking and going out. So time to stop living like it’s 1999 and get a little bit sensible..then I think..ah balls to it, you only live once though I need to get a better balance. But all round I am feeling more positive than I have done in the last few months

One last thing, I quite often get told oh you’re so positive. You are really looking well. Well for every one of those moments. There is a moment of darkness and the person who is always there for me, when no one sees is Jen and she is magnificent. I can never tell her how much I love her.

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