Tough week

So this week started with my going to Andy Bouchers funeral who died from a similar cancer to mine, the picture below is how I will always remember Andy. The man I met up recently still had the same life in his eyes, but has body was racked with the pain of cancer. What surprised me was as how sad I was to see my Dad at the funeral. Andy’s Dad, John has known each other at youth club in the 60’s. You could see the pain of fathers and generations who outlive the generation below.

I mean I see it every day with Jen my Wife after we lost Lewi my stepson at 19, it would appear the pain doesn’t ease just because the child is older. To any parent it’s tough to out live your child whatever the age. But the younger the harder I can only expect. But I’m still Dads son

So it going to be a short one today, I am going to start my first challenge of the year which is 10000 steps a day in February. Now I used to run marathons but I now of brittle bones as a side effect of radiotherapy. Also I’ve been in hospital after some fits so I’m guessing it wont be as easy as it used to be, but Olive andI will give it a go. The fundraiser is in the link above

A twinkly eyed Andy B possibly just a bit younger than my friend the Caplan’s who lost their son to a brain tumour. These children I’ve talked about need more funding. But these children have have brothers and sisters who now miss their sibling. Andy and I have numerous children between us that won’t have their Dads as Grandads, won’t be there for graduation, to in a very old fashioned way give their daughters away. Have a pint on their 18th (to be fair I’ve done that with my eldest

So if you can be it a penny, a pound or whatever you can spare. So parents don’t have to go through the hell of the many I know like Brian, Alison, Claire, Gary and those going through the treatment of their children, Nicola, Mark and Phil just to start are some of the last parents to have to watch. We get 1-2% of funding for cancer research, yet it’s the biggest killer through cancer of the u see 40s

It possibly wouldn’t cover some ministers expenses for a few months

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