One last hospital visit 2021

The Good team at Macc Hospital

So I think it is fair to say that this was not part of my Christmas plans. Nice quiet one with Jen on Christmas Day

Then down to Stafford for us all to do the first Bergin traditional Stafford Boxing Day since Mum died as one, symbolically this was the first year that one of the children brought a partner along. A huge salute to the lovely Lucy, Joe’s Girlfriend who braved The Bergin Boxing bedlam, you could see the sympathy on the faces of Dave, Claude and Jen as they relived this explosion. So this may be a clue for the following days event. As I cooked for 13 with possibly too many glasses to help. My brilliant GP, just before Christmas. Liam don’t over do it

All together now

Got back home and Jen heard a crash, she upstairs to did me found me having an epileptic fit face down on the floor. I’m told now by all that have witnessed it this isn’t pleasant to see in a loved one. So she made me safe, surrounded by cushions etc. when i stopped she got me on the bed. We then had the usual debate about should we ring the ambulance, I’ve stopped, we know their busy it’s not killed me before. Now in any work in my small way I try to do to raise awareness in the BT community I never give medical advice, because I’m not medically or internet qualified. But after much consultation with the brilliant paramedics in the ambulance, the staff nurse, the consultants. Im going to break my usual self imposed law. If you are an epileptic because of the BT and you have a fit or witness some one having a fit there is one law. Ring the fucking ambulance. When I had my 2nd fit at home and Jen rang again to let them know. The operator asked if there was anyone else in the house to go get the defrib from the fire station, as she had the code.

Thankfully they arrived at the moment and Jen didn’t have to use it. I then had again what has become traditional my 3 rd fit in the ambulance maybe it’s the flashing lights 😀.

From then on the usual professional care. A very quick cat scan which showed no difference from the last time I was there. Then the usual brilliant care from remaining team left, as many of their colleagues have covid or our shielding. What was brilliant was Jen was with me this time for the first time in a year. Just to have her support their made me realise how much is missed it for the last 18months. However the one downside there was no lying when it came to alcohol consumption. So a job to take on from now. I know it seems weird to some that I still have a drink. But when you’ve been a regular drinker in my line of work for decades. Then told you’ve only 18months to live a slight attitude of WTF can set in, especially when you think this in probability is my last Christmas. But moderation must be learnt to see if we can help that probability Venn.

So one last thing, Jen sometimes wonders why I spend so much time on this phone. Well the answer is to share experiences like this one just in case it happens to any in our community. But the support I get during these instances from my friends both nearby and online overwhelms me with feeling’s of support and emotion, that as you can see I can’t put in to words. Then to hammer home my need to slow down my sister Alex just sent the picture below. My 3 Joe, Caitlin and Esme. With the fabulous addition of Lucy. Love to see that sofa more cramped

We could fit more on it

Have a safe and Happy New Year despite this Hapless Mess governing us. Only go out after any LFT, can we have some No, but go out

Thank you everyone for another year of support

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