It’s the most troublesome time of the year

Today would have been Lewi’s 22nd Birthday he died two and half years of another form of Brain disease, we miss him everyday. The jewel of his mother heart, She will be perpetually broken. If you’re ever low or unsure what to do, find someone and ask

Well it’s possibly because of a combination. A particularly inspiring (she’d hate that) young woman from north of manchester, had some bad news from our community had some bad news and whilst it’s nothing compared to her families. They were one of the first people to reach out to me after my diagnosis, as well as being worried for Family, selfishly it reminds me of my own fragility

That and it’s that time of the year, combine that with covid and you sit here with two thoughts, is this my last Christmas? I’m I really going to leave my family with this muppet show of a government, the worst in my 50 years on this earth. One role for one, another role for us proles. Don’t worry about Liam, it doesn’t change anything. Well it does the moral centre to any country is it’s government. You can agree or do agree with their politics, but you have to believe they’re doing it for what they perceive to be the best for the nation. There is only one thing this bunch of chancers are worried about and that’s in their mirror every morning

So all off the above has sent me into a series of 2 weeks of hideous visceral nightmares. The kind that send you into so much of a sweat, it’s a bed change every night and a transfer to the spare room (sorry Esme your room is closer)

So in happy coincidence I had a meeting today with my neuro psychologist who specialises in Brain Tumours (that must have been a surprise when her careers teacher asked her what she’d like to do) was brilliant today. She broke it down we talked it through. She told me to get back on my blog. Spend some time every day breaking things down. My old CBT I suppose, as otherwise the brain never stops working. It will break it down whilst I’m asleep hence the dreams.

The family in Ireland,, 4 years ago we will always be a 6, but that empty chair every night is hell

So here I am, also we come a full cycle from the life and soul that was Lewi. If you’re ever in a dark place never be scared to seek help. As a rule despite what we see in the media. There are more good people than bad people, the latter however tend to have a louder voice to drown out the Good

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