Brains trains and new friends

I’ve spent a couple of days in the great company of Brian Caplan and his brother who I embarrassingly have already forgotten the name of (blame the tumour Bergin, no one calls that out )

Which one is Emma

It’s been a really good reminder that I’m a lucky man. I’m 50 and have already outlived my original prognosis. As I said to my best male friend Jim today on wising him happy birthday, I hope to be doing this for years to come. Jim insisted that this had to be the case as every right wing capitalist needs a woke lefty friend l, just to roll out occasionally

What was amazing talking to Brian about his fabulous Boy Daniel is how much him and our Lewi had in common, fabulous boys who are no longer with us but lit up a room and I mean every room they stepped into. Had they lived the world would have been a much more beautiful place. We have missed out on two youngsters that would have made a difference

I disappointingly found myself being sensible today. After my recent hospitalisation because of my fits. I knew today that I had to take it easy. However it was great to do a bit. It also meant that I met Emma who sadly lost her daughter Ruby recently. Actually, recently is a shit word when your child ha s died in my case stepson. Every day is recent nothing changes, event days are shit, you look forward to Christmas like a tooth extraction. Even blameless bunches of children having a good time are upsetting

Anyway I’ve learnt a lot these last two days, as my beautiful Jen says the brain is the mother board it controls everything abs as I talked at length to Brian about both Lewi and Daniel. Not only did it remind me what we had in common, both our children died of a brain disease. It also gave me some perspective. I know I have that to come

But for now I’m going to shout and scream about the lack of funding into the brain, because it’s a bit complicated , until I can’t or The voice is gone

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