This is the age of mask v mask

It’s very sad but we seem to be divided into mask v mask which bizarrely seems to have similar Venn diagram to leavers v rejoiners I’m on a train to London about 50/50 mask. What I don’t get its slightly inconvenient but it’s about being a member of a wider community. The 6 people surrounding me maskless don’t know I’m clinically vulnerable, but they don’t not know either. So I have to come to two conclusions

They don’t give a shit

Or they think the vulnerable should be locked up and are drain on society. On that route leads a very scary scenario

So I’m going down to London Town to walk a couple of days with Brian Caplan whose son Daniel died of a brain tumour. It’s the youngsters that really get to you, they get so little notice often as their brains are still growing abs the tumours can be so aggressive

Also Jen, the children and I know what it’s like to have the empty chair at the table losing Lewi to a different but similarly poorly researched brain disease in psychosis. So showing support feels natural. Also be good to visit little brother

If you have a few pennies spare

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