The Lakes and Lancaster hospital

Three get wet in Cumbria

Well some time in the planning, but eventually My Sister Alexandra and Brother Dominic got away for the first time together since Mum’s death and my diagnosis the following day

Bergin’s on a bridge

We did a couple of walks both were favourite’s of Lewi my late Stepsons. One from Grasmere up to the high mere and back in for gingerbread

The next generation previously on this walk
Not quiet the same views

The 2nd day we went from Ambleside over Wansfell to Troutbeck and back again. So far so good, I went up stairs to have a shower before cooking tea. That’s it. That’s all I remember until Dom found me fitting on the floor, I remember the ambulance people (well sort off) before I knew it I was awake 8 hours later in Lancaster hospital, I had had further fits in the ambulance and the CT scan

Now the most buzz are thing was on the way up I was chatting with myself and friends about wether too go skiing for one last time. I think it is fair to say that ski has slipped down the slope. Which is better than me fitting at 2000m never mind 200. I realise that this is a problem many would love I have and I shouldn’t feel so sorry for myself . I’m a lad from a council estate in Stafford how I came to think an annual ski trip with my mates was a right of passage is a mystery . Park the skiing Bergin.

A walk in the woods
Thanks to Lancs ambulance and Lancaster hospital

So a good weekend, now home resting up, the issue is a appear to have no little warning signs, it’s just happens. So far though nature has seen to tell me to be somewhere safe. I’ve not been on the bike, out on my own and for that I am very thankful

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