Well after managing to to avoid the plague for 18months, Dad, Jen and I all tested positive. We’d been feeling a bit knackered, Dad kept sleeping so we all did lateral flow tests. Jen and I were negative Dad was positive. So we all booked in for PCRs boom 3 positive. All double jabbed 2 of us classed as clinically vulnerable. All wear masks in community spaces. It’s not gone away

So I’ve been rang 3 times by test and trace .

I can’t help think how lucky I am, firstly during chemo this could have been very serious, I’ve got off lightly. Secondly I’m not doing this on my own I’ve got Jen, and even Olive and Betty and large garden . We can get fresh air, stretch our legs annoy and make each other laugh. To be doing this in a flat on tour own or with small children, what a strain

Also Jen is still being paid we have income. I can’t imagine how the pressure must feel to go out and work if you’re part of the gig economy or have nothing but SSP.

Also I hadn’t realised what a creature of habit I’d become since my diagnosis. Regular walks / cycles meeting up with Stu, chatting with the Village traders, seeing the almost nomadic children . I realise it’s a small inconvenience and one as a responsible member of the community it’s right to make or we don’t kill this off. But it’s different than lockdown when it was a communal event.

But the biggest pain is that a few months of practice for Maggies on the runway has gone up in smoke. I think putting a covid family in the midst of cancer patients would take irresponsibility to a level even this government might find inappropriate. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and hope to outdo the stats so I can be here in 2 years for the next one

On that note and last thoughts for the week, had a really positive call with my oncologist this week. No progress, still a nice little hole in the head, I asked around what next treatments . Liam let’s not mess with what’s working at the moment, so keep fit, where it’s placed hopefully more surgery when required. We move on.–donation_received–_nth_donation&utm_content=0061c579-af0e-4fa3-bbb5-9de05da4512c&utm_medium=email&utm_source=postoffice&utm_term=1632125090442

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