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A fairly quick one this week, Maggies seems to dominate my getting out and and about which means a lot of trains trams and thanks Ali, really looking forward to the show now, I’ve been suited and booted by Slaters–donation_received–_nth_donation&utm_content=0061c579-af0e-4fa3-bbb5-9de05da4512c&utm_medium=email&utm_source=postoffice&utm_term=1632125090442

But what I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in this week has been two conversation

One is with the BrainTrust and the significance and value that Brain tumour patients can be as part of a support network for new brain tumour patients. All my medics are brilliant I’ve no complaints, but they can also be bloody brutal. I’ll never forget my consultation. Yes Liam a suspected Glioblastoma 2-4 years max. Can you go home and shield see you for surgery in 2 weeks. That’s it I then got some help from specialist nurses at Christie and brilliant help from Maggies at Manchester . I’m also very lucky as I have medics as friends that decode for me. But if we could think about a group of patient ambassadors to be there as support. At the moment we rely on support groups you may fall across online. Brilliant as they are, they aren’t trained and they’re not medics. Let’s use the resources we have, that’s us.

I’ve also had a fabulous conversation which may well lead to nothing with an academic on a university for students learning in English but not English . Very small student population, but equal importance not just on the academic development of the students but their personal development. Now I may not be involved (although I think I have something to offer) but just the idea that someone of thinking like that, not just grades is great to see. After all we have MPs saying that all learning should be geared towards getting a job. Not about personal development or a thirst for knowledge. It’s great that there are people out there looking at the wider picture

Otherwise finally shaking of the chemo fatigue, having a bit of a scanxiety be glad when I’ve had my appointment actually I person next week!

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