MRI and elbow busy week

Well been a busy week, I don’t know how I ever worked, first up a MRI contrast scan, which they have put a dye in half way through through that cannula. Now their is a popular myth out there that you get scanned one day result pops up, away you go next couple of days. If you are rang the next day that’s a klaxon moment, usually you get results the next time you see yourself oncologist. This of course does not stop you shitting yourself, scanxiety its real thing and whilst I know probably that I would have heard if the Onc was worried, it won’t be to a hear the words, no progress still a nice little hole. That date is still 11 days away

I then did something I’ve been promising to do for a while, especially since Joe started at Manchester we went for a Mughli on wilmslow road and then to see elbow at the Apollo, including a pint in that pub despite going there from at least the above the clouds Weller Album 1992 I’ve never known the name off

The no name pub that has a name

Waiting for MRI

Then I did a few shifts in the Windmill I’ve forgotten how tiring bar work is on the legs or maybe it’s 18 months of treatment and a terminal diagnosis , either way it knackered me, I rediscovered my empathy with a team I no longer have

So last up at Toft and a sportsman with Alistair Cook to raise funds for the new pavilion. Toft and The Tavs and Reasons to be Cheerful have been an amazing support to me over the last year I can never thank them enough

Everyone even England and Wales greatest ever run scorer need an Aussie to tell him how many runs he left at the Gabba

The Tavs

I have also been practising for Maggies on the Runway. I’d you haven’t heard of them that’s great, but they are an amazing charity that supports all cancers and are handy to the Christie . They’ve been a fabulous retreat to my Jen and Dad

Finally I’d like to thank Nicola whose running the London marathon this weekend to raise awareness for brain tumours and funds for her daughters treatment . Look at those ribbons Nic will wear. The blues are people we have lost to a rare cancer, the reds are people still alive, but most I’d imagine with a terminal diagnosis. Look at the ages of the Blue. I think over the two pictures I’m the oldest. Let that sink in. I went to my good friend Matthew’s funeral 2 weeks ago. I often see Jason Willis two young daughters and wife Jen. All leave a hole in people’s life and a memory they never got to grasp because science hasn’t caught up with our cancer yet as it’s a bit tricky the old brain

That’s why I kick off, so what I can whilst I can. I understand people like to use language like battle, warrior etc.. but want we are all those people above have either sadly left us or still riding the wave. We are patients of an underfunded cancer, think on this we still plan to upgrade Trident at a cost of 60bn. Hey everyone if we use the nuclear deterrent we’ve all lost to misquote Orwell. All cancers are even, but some cancers are less even than others we need more funding


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