A beautiful day

Well Monday I feel a fraud, I’m sat by the canal in Stone having decided to cycle from Stoke to Stafford to see my Dad

Spooky planning the trip with Esme look what chugs past

It’s a beautiful September day I’ve the sun on my back. This is a recon for when Es and I do the full trip from Bollington to Dad for Maggies

I don’t feel like I’ve got terminal diagnosis for a Glioblastoma I feel like a bloke doing what he loves doing

It’s a strange hinter land and Matthew’s funeral was a stark reminder of how quick things can unfurl. Well until nexts weeks scan let’s pretend it’s not happening

They didn’t have their beer in the pub next door
How some hasn’t added a D to the end of stone almost the juvenile of stone disappoint

On my way back now cycled to stone felt knackered so got the train, what I have to learn is when your body says stop, stop aim only 6 days after treatment

He’s a lovely visit with Mr and Mrs Stowe , we talked about very few specifics, but in many ways we talked about everything go I’ve not seen in 30 years

Lovely evening with the Kelly’s and Ross D

Most of all it was great to be at Dads in his home territory, I don’t think anyone knew how he’d react to my Mums death last June. Well everyday he misses his best friend. But the garden looks great, Gracie gives him company and there is always the dominos league !

Dad on the Chase, Gracie as ever, no one knows where

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