End work and my planned brain tumour events

So on Sunday we has the big cricket day at Toft. All my communities colliding. The mighty Tavs, Reasons’s to be Cheerful, Knutsford friends, old school mates and real time, with my online cancer community. It was real emotional day and what’s more it didn’t feel like some things have like a farewell tour, it felt like A great day out for a few hundred people at a beautiful cricket ground

Reasona to be cheerful
The Toft Tavs
Lazing on a Sunday afternoon
Alway there did me

The formidable Nuttall
Dave also always there. So is Stu but he was unusually camera shy
Mathew running through Cancer an inspirational young man. He was always going to be there

Over all through the year we’ve raised over 17.5k. That’s down to all the people at wine tasting, cycle rides and the cricket but Jim, Dave and Stu have been there for all 3

The family
My best friend Jen

So I could not have done it without the family.

So now what well I have Maggies on the runway for the fabulous Maggies cancer centres in October of which more later

I’ve finished work at the university, so I’m going to take a few weeks off, I didn’t get a job as a community fundraiser that I really wanted, but as the likes of Sophie, Tracy, , Chris, the mighty Alison and Jude all of whom have been picking up the detail for at one stage of the other in the last 20 years, he’s more ideas and direction. Expect me to pop up behind a bar near you soon

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