New start

Well big decisions this week, work and I have come to agreement and I’m going to leave the university of Manchester . I’ve loved being at The Uni. Being a fairly senior team member of such a respected University has been a thrill. I like to think I made a difference and the introduction of the market place, Gave students and staff something different as well as opportunities for 20 odd traders

But realistically is this what I want to be doing for what could / should be the last years of my life. That’s why we moved to be virtually mortgage free. I don’t know what I’ll do, but I am aware it won’t be HGV driving.

So give the children, Dad and Jen more time and myself. It’s the first time I’ve got no idea what to do next. Whilst I’ve have many jobs they’ve essentially all been the same. Managing big teams coaching and developing on multi site. The future is both terrifying and liberating. I was sorting a pension out the other day. The woman said but say you live for ten years. I replied whilst highly unlikely I’m still struggling to see the loser in this situation

So fresh start, still fit, still thriving

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