Knackering week

Well what a week, it seems a long time ago but on Monday the 3 dead men walking went up Scarfell. All three of us with terminal cancer Tony, Chris and I. We all want to raise funds and awareness of our various cancers? Between us we’ve raised over 30k this year. Mine being Brain Tumour Reseach it was wet and tiring but great to share stories and the dark humour that comes with our situation, thanks to Mike, Pete and the mystery man for coming along

The start
The top
The end

So it’s a chemo week which means the usual palaver. Bloods the wait for the call, the oncologist, hello Liam are you expecting my call. Massive ring on the calendar Dr calls. So all bloods were good I’m halfway through cycle number 11 now. It has to describe the fatigue. I am very lucky I can keep moving, but your legs feel like lead and your brain slows down.

I feel a bit better after a meeting with my neuro psychologist (yes there is such a thing) where my GBM is can cause me to be testy and forgetful. I’d imagine the children would argue

So now two focuses The Cricket Day on September 5th at Toft for Brain Tumour research, I don’t pray but some good weather would help I might ask the Bishop. Then Maggies on the runway of which more later

I continue to be in awe of running through cancer and Laura Nuttall. Two inspiring youngsters that inspire an old man like me

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