Dead Men walking and Garlic Bread

So my support network which has so far been mostly virtual is becoming actual people.

Yesterday I met the fabulous Nuttall’s.

Laura has a similar diagnosis to I, but is only 19/20. She’s an inspirational young woman who is having some treatment in Germany. Peter Kay came out of semi retirement and did two shows for her. I took Esme and we had a great night

Earlier in the week I met up with Mathew a 18 year old with a similar prognosis to me but a as yet unidentifiable cancer. He’s having to have a 3rd set of radiotherapy and is wearing a different footie top every day. I hand delivered mine at Maggies

Then tomorrow me and 2 others are walking up Scarfell we all have different forms of cancer Prostate, Liver and Brain Tumour we all have one thing in common are diagnosis is terminal. We are using our time to raise awareness and funds so that people like Laura and Mathew in the future don’t have to be sat down and be given the news old men like us have had to hear

So I shall update later

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