The Scan

So I’m writing this waiting for the oncologist to ring, because of covid we get a call rather than to go in. Which is fine, but it just says am, well it’s PM and no call. We call it scanaxity, I don’t get it as bad as most. There is a line from the film Bridge of spies when the Tom Hanks character asks the Mark Rylance character why aren’t you more worried. All he ever says is would it help? I’d be lying if I didn’t say I didn’t worry, but not as much as Jen who seems to take some of it on for me.

Phone rings spookily

Now most of me knows everything is ok. I’ve just ridden the C2C, they’d usually ring by now if something was wrong? It’s two week since the scan. They would have had me in by now when there was an issue, however there is nothing better than when you’re own oncologist team say. Looks good Liam no progression, bloods are good we can go to chemotherapy round 10

It might sound a little odd being told that chemotherapy is good, but I’ve been very lucky in that it tires me out, makes me a feel a bit sick but doesn’t hit me as hard as it does many others. I try and keep busy during it and whilst turning down the exercise I keep in moving. Also I’m an operations manager by trade and having chemotherapy means I’m doing something, I like that

I do know that at the end of the 12month they’re going to have to stop for a while, I’m slightly scared for that time, what we’ve been doing has been working, but also I know we can’t keep poisoning me relentlessly

So here we go, I’ve been back to work a bit as well , found it difficult as I’ve not done much for a year. I have had to write a lot more notes to myself , that’s been interesting

So that’s it for now, thanks for reading

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