Bit of a low

So bit odd, after the exhilaration of the coast to coast, not just the ride but the companionship of my lad, his mates and my close friends , I’m struggling a bit this week. Isn’t adrenaline weird I should be buzzing as we hit over 10k and raised awareness of the poor funding that goes into brain tumour Research, but instead I feel a bit flat

I think a couple of things on top of finishing the ride. I was a guest on the inspiring running through cancer podcast. Now Mathew is a great lad, but as we were chatting we talked about how by raising awareness, around lack of funding and our own terminal diagnosis, we are constantly reminding our friends and family we are knackered. There is always a balance

Secondly Mathew mentioned he was having a few back pains, which he thought were related to his exercise. Sadly in the following days he did get a scan and his cancer has spread to his spine, he’s already blogged about it, which is typical of his stoicism. But let’s not forget he is 18, has an unknown brain tumour, this really is a shit cancer

On a more positive note I had a peddle with Ross a lad I went to school with, a lots happened in the 30 years since we last saw each other, but I think we cleared up a bit of stuff that has been lingering, well at least I hope so. I’ll know if we peddle again which I hope to do so.

Thanks to everyone that supported Me and the Team on the ride especially The cycling podcast and it’s listeners

What next, well chemotherapy starts again next week

But Toft CC have been very kind in letting us have a cricket day on September 5th to raise awareness for brain tumour research. I’m hoping that all my worlds Knutsford, Didsbury and Bollington will get together for an end of summer bash

The end

One thought on “Bit of a low

  1. Hi Liam just to say you have every right to feel down some days, don’t worry about it. You have done an amazing thing and I know your mum would have been bursting with pride for you. We talked a lot on our walks and I know how close you were. Keep it up.x


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