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Rolling rolling rolling

I thought I would share a typical weekend, and just how much a diagnosis can change your life A great turnout at the 5K YOUR WAY: MOVE AGAINST CANCER with the most beautiful woman in the world Jen joining us (that’s my best friend and wife) hates the camera and nearly hid. There in whiteContinue reading “Rolling rolling rolling”

33 days, a lot can happen

Hello all. A few weeks back I admitted that I was battling two diseases, my terminal diagnosis for a brain tumour called a glioblastoma stage 4 and since I’d finished working, I’d upped my drinking level to the point of alcoholism. A combination of alcohol, meds and cancer landed me in hospital after a seriesContinue reading “33 days, a lot can happen”

Double the Disease

Well add a third if you count my kidney failure So I’m in hospital In Macclesfield this is my first set of fits since Jan. But when I do I go for it, we had been down to see my Dad who himself was recovering from an eye operation. It’s not just what they’d takenContinue reading “Double the Disease”

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